General Questions

Using San Marcos Relocation Specialists to find an apartment in San Marcos

Q: How far in advance of my move-in date should I begin looking for an apartment? 
You should have leased an apartment at least 30 days before you anticipate moving date.

Q: How expensive an apartment can I afford?
The general rule of thumb is to pay no more than one third of your gross (not net) monthly income on rent. Frankly, most people spend less. Our agents can discuss prices for varying levels of quality and amenities with you.

Q: What about an application fee?
Application fees are generally 25 to 35 dollars per adult, sometimes less.

Q: Is my application fee refundable? 
A: Application fees are NOT refundable. You should be absolutely certain that the property you are applying for is where you want to live AND that you meet the property's criteria for acceptance. Our agents can help you be confident in your decisions.

Q: When will I have to pay a deposit?
Deposits are typically due when you submit your application.

Q: How large a deposit will I have to put down?
Usually 100 to 250 dollars. Some properties run specials with lower deposits. Our agents can help you locate these properties.

Q: What about pets?
Most properties allow 1 or 2 cats or small (under 25 pounds) dogs. We can help you locate properties willing to take larger dogs. Be prepared to pay an additional pet deposit. Pet deposits are typically due at the time of move-in, although some properties will allow you to pay pet deposits over a period of time.


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