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Find the best in South San Marcos condos by knowing the rental language used in advertising industry. Knowing that south San Marcos condos are for rent is not enough in this day and age because you need to stay in the informed loop by keeping up with the industry language that is used to advertise vacancies. It is important before you try find San Marcos apartments, townhouses, or condos for rent to understand the real estate lingo that ensure your needs and individual rental requirements are met. 

Most people know that 1BR or 2BR means one or two bedrooms; however, knowing what is an alcove, a brownstone, or classic San Marcos apartments are may leave you wondering. To help you in your search for the perfect San Marcos apartments we offer you the following renter's terminology.

An "alcove" is an apartment that has an "L" shape. It will have a dining area that you might want to section off with suction type walls that do not leave holes in the existing floors, walls, and ceilings. Be careful not to block windows because that is a serious building violation that can leave you with legal problems!

A studio apartment usually refers to one or two room apartments that you find as part of the San Marcos rentals options. There is usually a separate kitchen that is referred to as a two-room apartment. Make sure you ask and do not assume that you are getting what you want because room counts are not regulated regarding San Marcos apartment rentals.

San Marcos apartments for rent sometimes may fall into the category of "Brownstone" or "Townhouse" and this can be confusing. These terms describe an apartment or townhouse that does not have an elevator so you must "walk up" to enter the home. The higher the rent, the more likely it is that it is a true San Marcostownhome or true brownstone San Marcos apartment rentals. Be sure to ask whether the San Marcos apartment rentals agencies whether you are getting a "real" brownstone or townhouse if that is your renting goal.


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